22 May 2018

9 Jun (Sat): Be a Chek Jawa nature guide!

No prior experience is needed. Families welcomed to volunteer as a group.  Join this Naked Hermit Crab familiarisation tour in May so you can volunteer with the Chek Jawa Open House in June.
Balik Chek Jawa for Pesta Ubin 2017
Volunteers making a difference for Chek Jawa!
Sign up now online! Registration closes on 25 May (Fri).

What is this Familiarisation Tour about?

21 May 2018

26 May (Sat): Launch of children's books on Singapore's seagrasses and corals!

All are welcome! Come for this special book launch which includes FREE fun storytelling and craft session!
Follow the adventures of Doo the Dugong, Ollie the Octopus in the seagrass meadows; and Cory the coral spat among the reefs and mangroves. I feel priviledged to have been a part of the authors' journey.

Pesta Ubin begins this weekend for 5 weekends!

Come celebrate Singapore's last unspoilt island from 26 May (Sat) to 24 Jun (Sun). Many Pesta Ubin activities are free of charge. Some do NOT require registration. Simply come to Pulau Ubin and join the fun!
Community coming together for Pesta Ubin 2017.
Photo by MJ Mohammad
Find a Pesta Ubin activity that suits your schedule and interest! Don't say Bo Jio!

'Like' the Pesta Ubin facebook page to get the latest updates!

Here's some highlights of Pesta Ubin ...

20 May 2018

Next to the landfill, amazing living reefs at Terumbu Semakau!

Right next to the Landfill, there are rich living reefs on Terumbu Semakau!
Living reefs of Terumbu Semakau, May 2018
Teeming with corals, fishes and other special creatures. Today we saw seahorses, clown anemonefishes, giant clams, tiger cowrie and more!

19 May 2018

Small Sisters Island with cone snail!

With most of the Southern Islands closed due to asbestos, we were glad to be given permission to survey Small Sisters Islands.
Living shores of Small Sisters' Island
It's very much alive and we saw interesting animals such as cone snails, feather stars as well as corals of various kinds. After our trip, we learned that asbestos was found on Big Sisters' Island too.

Big Sisters Island: intertidal walks suspended, some beaches closed

From the NParks website: The monthly Intertidal Guided Walk is temporarily suspended as marine debris washed ashore containing asbestos have been found at four isolated areas along the beaches in the lagoons on Big Sister’s Island.
Public walk at Sisters Island Marine Park (15 Aug 2014)
As a safety precaution, we have cordoned off the affected beaches. We aim to complete the removal works by end June 2018 and will resume the guided walks thereafter. In the meantime, the affected beaches are closed to the public. We seek your understanding for the inconvenience caused.


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